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If you've got a quality Seattle or PNW-focused news site, political organization, neighborhood association or blog which comments thoughtfully on civic issues in and around Seattle, from any political or identity or affiliation perspective, I'd be delighted to take a look at adding your site to the list.

The purpose of Seattlebrief is to have a wide range of viewpoints. Do not assume that just because you don't see your favorite source on the list below that it's being suppressed from conversation. It is far more likely (a) I simply don't know about it, (b) the site doesn't have a well-functioning RSS feed, (c) the site doesn't comment frequently enough on civic-related issues, or (d) there is some technical issue.

To apply for inclusion, first, please make sure the RSS feed is valid, that opengraph tags are well-formed for each article, and that the RSS feed includes photo links. I'm trying to keep Seattlebrief useful and relatively family friendly, so avoid swear-words. Submit it for consideration. Feeds are generally included in an all-or-nothing basis, not article by article. If there are too many non-Seattle-civic specific articles or discussions, it likely won't make the index, so consider a separate channel just for those posts. Consider breaking a "featured" or "seattle news" feed if don't have one. Jot an email to seattlebrief[at] with your feed URL and we'll be happy to look.

current list of publishers (a-z)

For those sources which also cover national and international news, a filter is applied to hone in on local stories. The filtering algorithm isn't perfect, but it's improving steadily.